A startup is limited to companies who are less than 5 years old.

Best Consumer Web Startup:

Best consumer focused app or website

Best B2B Startup:

Best business to business focused app or website

Best New Startup:

Best startup that is less than a year old

Startup of the Year:

Best overall startup

Best Social Impact Startup:

Best startup making a positive impact on society

Most Disruptive Startup

A startup revolutionizing an industry and creating the new normal


There are no company age limits for the headline awards

Digital Agency of the Year:

Best digital agency in Chicago

Best B2B Company

Best overall B2B tech company

Best Consumer Web Company

Best overall consumer web tech company

Best Office Space

From hammocks and slides to tree houses and roof decks, show us why you've got the coolest space in Chicago tech. Send pictures to

Best Company Culture

Company with best overall culture

Breakthrough Digital Company of the Year

A digital company who had a major breakthrough (growth, funding, acquisition, IPO, etc.) in the last year


Woman in Tech Award:

Female tech entrepreneur who has led her company to significant achievement, regardless of company size

CEO of the Year:

A CEO who has led his/her company toward significant achievement, regardless of company size

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